MAIN ACTIVITY: Equitation and practical workshop of theater, cooking, ricicling, juggling, enviroment exploration. This year, the theme of the workshop will be " Positive Emotion" and we will examine a theme per week: Bravery, Enthusiasm, Humor, Armony, Sociality, Curiosity, Originlity.

WHEN: From 13 of Giune to 29  of July 2016. From Monday to friday for the daily summer camp, from saturday evening to sunday morning for the summer camp with overnight.

AGE : 6-15 years old

DESCRIPTION: activities will start at 9:00 with breakfast at 10:30. Lunch at 12:30, free games or holyday homeworks until the workshops restart at 14:30 and their conclusion at 18:00. Dinner and games before the good night. On Friday afternoon will take place the cooking workshop so every week we will prepare the break for parents at 18:00t when they  will come to bring back home their children : we stay happily all together!

DAILY SUMMER CAMP COST that will end at 18:00:                    

89.00 €/week

SUMMER CAMP COST with overnight:                                                                   

249.00 €/week

TECHNICAL SUMMER CAMP, for who choose to do activities with the horses both in the morning and in the afternoon.

189,00 €/week

TECHNICAL SUMMER CAMP with overnight, for who choose to do activities with horses both in the morning and in the afternoon.

349,00 €/week