"Fagottino" with "Robiola di Cocconato", black truffle and bacon

Little cotechino wiith lentils and mashed potatoes 

“ Vitello tonnato” old recipes

“Agnolotti al plin” with butter and sage 

“Maltagliati” with walnut cream

Veal sirloin with borrettane onions 

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"Cialda di Reggiano" with "insalata russa"

Cardoons and potato "Torretta" with anchovies sauce 

"Tonno di coniglio"

Little cotechino di Milena e Piero Germano with mashed potatoes 

"Agnolotti al plin" with butter and sage

Potatoes gnocchi with "fondutina al Castelmagno d'alpeggio della Meiro" 

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Fattoria Roico is part of the premises outside Asti participating at the Bagna Cauda Day event

130 members with local chefs who will offer their Bagna Cauda: from star restaurant to a village restaurant, the winery and the wine cooperative, the local trend and those anchored in tradition.

4 of the world's countries involved, for a total of 13,000 seatings, 3 versions: "As God Commands" (Traditional), "heretical" (with a little garlic), "atheist" (without garlic) 25 euro: the fixed price of bagna Cauda same in all areas, including dessert and coffee 8 €: Promotional price per bottle wine directly from the producer members

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