Falconry has always been a pillar of Lago di Codana and we want to keep this tradition.

The Hieramatra falconers were very happy to participate in the new project of Lago di Codana and on Sunday, September 24th at 4 pm they will have a show with their hawks.

Come and see and interact with them, we are waiting for you!

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"Fagottino" with "Robiola di Cocconato", black truffle and bacon

Little cotechino wiith lentils and mashed potatoes 

“ Vitello tonnato” old recipes

“Agnolotti al plin” with butter and sage 

“Maltagliati” with walnut cream

Veal sirloin with borrettane onions 

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"Cialda di Reggiano" with "insalata russa"

Cardoons and potato "Torretta" with anchovies sauce 

"Tonno di coniglio"

Little cotechino di Milena e Piero Germano with mashed potatoes 

"Agnolotti al plin" with butter and sage

Potatoes gnocchi with "fondutina al Castelmagno d'alpeggio della Meiro" 

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