31 Dicember 2016 - New Year Menù

31 Dicember 2016 - New Year Menù

"Fagottino" with "Robiola di Cocconato", black truffle and bacon

Little cotechino wiith lentils and mashed potatoes 

“ Vitello tonnato” old recipes

“Agnolotti al plin” with butter and sage 

“Maltagliati” with walnut cream

Veal sirloin with borrettane onions 

Season vegetables

Hazelnut cake and eggnog cream

Dark chocolate "Fondente"

Parsimmons "Bavarese"

Panettone, spumante and… BEST WISHES AT MIDNIGHT!!


During the evening the contest “Indovina la ricetta…vinci la serata”, who will guess the ingredients of 2 ricepes of the evening,will be our guest!

Ruffle with prizes

Dance contest

The whole evening will be accompanied by the sympathy and music of "2 Voices"

EUR 75.00 for adults and EUR 25.00 for children who can enjoy the animation, throughout the evening, of fairy Trilli and Elf Pabo!