MAIN ACTIVITY: Equitation and practical workshop of theater, cooking, ricicling, juggling, enviroment exploration. This year, the theme of the workshop will be " Positive Emotion" and we will examine a theme per week: Bravery, Enthusiasm, Humor, Armony, Sociality, Curiosity, Originlity.

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Marinade Pork loin with "Moscato d'asti DOCG"

Fresh goat's salad and quail's eggs

Puff pastry Basket with borage and "ricotta"

"Carpaccio" of lamb with lukewarm cream of gorgonzola

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Cocktail flat bread with little pieces hard  Bra lard 

“Involtino di Reggiano with cheese black truffle mousse 

Puff pastry Basket with Porcini mushrooms cream

“ Vitello tonnato” old recipes

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