We are in the early '80s. A new riding stable asserts itself in the area! Landmark of the  local equitation, it sees grow over the years his name.


Years go by and the old riding stable managers can not continue in their sublime work.

The MERCATO - BESTENTE family, historical owners of the farm, takes again charge of the structure with a single dream: to see it return to former glory!

The outside area of the farm is transformed into a large garden which completes the structure allowing, if necessary, to accommodate large groups ensuring harmony with the surrounding landscape. 


They finish the renovation work carried out by the MERCATO - BESTENTE family and the new Fattoria ROICO opens the doors. 

Fattoria Roico splits and opens Scuderia Roico. The professionalism of Mirko and Silvia, with their 20 years of experience, have allowed the structure to obtain important awards. 

Fattoria Roico gets the title of Fattoria Didattica and organizes the annual Summer Camp personally.